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Embrace The Pain

I have a key chain with the phrase "Embrace the pain" on it. I received it in a subscription box years ago and I've carried every since. Of course, it is from a fitness brand (Live Sore) so it's geared towards embracing the pain that can come with working out. That's fitting too which is why I liked it. I've encountered plenty of "pain" working out. The lack of air in your lungs, the burning in your legs, the quitting in your mind- all painful. But as I saw my key chain laying on the counter the other day, it hit me how much this applies to physical pain and how much it can apply in physical therapy.

Pain is a normal part of life and we will all experience it. Back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain we will all likely encounter at some point. Why? Because we are living, moving creatures. Does it mean some thing is wrong or damaged? Not necessarily. One thing I have learned through my years of dealing with people in pain and having had plenty of it myself is if you embrace it, you get through it faster.

Unfortunately we cannot wish away our pain. But we all want it gone yesterday. If you become fearful of movement and avoid activities due to the fear, your pain will get worse and will likely not improve. However, if you can embrace it and work through it to some extent, then you can train your brain that you are not as damaged as it may think.

Now I am not saying you run around doing what you want when you hurt. You are still hurting for a reason. Go read my blog "What's in your cup" for more info on why you are hurting You still play it smart and listen to your body. But you don't shy away from all activity or even the activity you were doing. You modify then get stronger and get back to it.

A study was shared on Instagram and I don't recall who posted it. But it stated that something like 67% of musculoskeletal injuries (think muscles and bones) will heal on their own without any intervention! That's over half! But it can take any where from 3 months to a year in some cases! The problem with our medical system is partially the patients don't have any patience. (No pun intended.) People hurt for 2 or 3 days and then seek medical help. Then you get prescription drugs or imaging. Both of which aren't necessarily effective or helpful, and most good doctors know that, however it makes you, the patient happy, so they order it.

I mean, let's be real...if the doctor said, "Go home. Walk 30 minutes a day. Sleep 7 hours minimum. Drink more water, no alcohol. And eat better. That's my orders to get better." You'd scoff and say it was a waste of a visit. They didn't actually "help" my pain/problem. If you would embrace the pain of going to bed early, the pain of walking daily, the pain of picking the vegetables over the french fries, the pain of drinking water, then you might find yourself healthier and fitter and not actually having to deal with near as much physical, musculoskeletal pain.

Don't shy away from pain. Pain is a warning signal in your body. It is saying "hey pay attention to me!" Pain is so multi-factorial that you have to weight everything that goes on in your life as a potential accelerant. Embrace your pain as an opportunity. Embrace your pain and find tolerable ways to move through it. Then, if you still can't get past it or want to get through it sooner, seek medical help!! Of course, in my opinion, call me!

Embrace the pain. Get better. Be Unstoppable.

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