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If not now, when?

had someone tell me the other day they didn't want to start working on their fitness and health until after the holidays. I saw someone else on a social media post tell someone to start after the holidays so they didn't "set their self up for failure".

Let me just tell you. Y'all are doing it wrong. The only pass/fail here is live or die. Working on your health is not about eating perfectly or working out 5 days a week. It is about consistency with your health.

If you wait until after the holidays I can think of 2 things wrong that:

  1. You will find more excuses...such as I will start on Monday, after this work thing, after my on and so on until boom another year has gone by and you haven't started.

  2. You won't know how to deal with holidays and damage control. You will not ever eat perfectly. It is important to learn and accept that you will mess up and have horrible eating days but you don't throw out all of your hard work for one day.

Study after study is showing that people who are fit and healthy live longer. That is the number one benefit. The whole looking good naked is only a secondary benefit! :)

Now, most of you just thought in your head, "I won't ever look good naked"- ok then why are you freaking waiting to start!?!?

Fitness and health, working out and eating right does not happen by just jumping in head-first into this super restrictive diet. It is small changes and little things that add up to a big picture. It isn't cutting out all of your carbs or eating zero sugar. It's adding more vegetables to each meal. It is replacing that mac'n'cheese with broccoli. It's putting your phone down and going for a walk. It's a lot of little steps that gets you to the top of the building, not 3 big ones.

So start. Don't worry about the slip up of Christmas cookies or that extra glass of wine you drink with family. Learn damage control. Start working out but don't worry about being "too busy"- work out 2 days that week and 3 the next, then jump it back up to 5 days.

Find consistency and learn to accept imperfections so that you learn to stay the course. This is a lifelong ride- not a few months until you look good naked. Build those habits and get healthy! If you need help, find someone!

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